OAPSLO Past Presidents

OAPSLO would like to recognize those individuals who have volunteered their time, effort and talents by agreeing to serve as President of the Association throughout the years.


2015-2016   JB Civille         Partners Specialty Group
2014-2015   JB Civille         Partners Specialty Group
2013-2014   Tricia Curnutte    Specialty Brokerage Services
2012-2013   Tricia Curnutte    Specialty Brokerage Services
2011-2012   Brian Bowerman     Specialty Brokerage Services
2010-2011   Brian Bowerman     Specialty Brokerage Services
2009-2010   Mark Harris        Quadrant Insurance Managers
2008-2009   Mark Harris        Quadrant Insurance Managers
2007-2008   Ken Kukral         International Excess
2006-2007   Ken Kukral         International Excess
2005-2006   Tom Sheppard       Stateside Underwriting
2004-2005   Tom Sheppard       Devore & Associates
2003-2004   Terry Quested      Morstan General Agency
2002-2003   Terry Quested      Morstan General Agency
2001-2002   Ed Stoermer        Johannes/Stoermer